Welcome to WomanityNOW.com!

Dear Woman,

Welcome to our world! Whether it's your first time visiting or you're a faithful follower of the Womanity movement - we welcome you with open, endearing arms. Here we are at the second day, of the second month - embarking on the second year of this journey - and now, more than ever, I am grateful to have you along for the ride! WomanityNOW is a vision that was set in my heart long before I realized what it would (& could) ever become. If you've found your way to this page, it's most likely because you have a similar fire & desire within you. For us, that passion lies in womanhood + humanity. Self-love and self-discovery. Awareness and action. Whatever this looks life for you, we recognize it and honor it, always.  

In year one, we found our voice. I will forever be grateful for the gift of writing because it led me to you. Batman has his suit, Superman dons his cape and me - well I have my way with words. :-) Writing is my safe haven, my superpower - if you will. I've learned that they're important armor, too. Our words always have been and always will be a vital key to unlocking the next steps to our purpose. It's my confident expectation that as we move forward in year two, these words will help you unfold the vision you have. 

Powerhouse motivational speaker and #WomanityCrush Lisa Nichols delivers a phenomenal message about stepping into your purpose that I'm sure will resonate with you as much as it did with me. I am beyond proud to finally launch WomanityNOW.com and we're so excited to change this world, with you, for you - for us! Stay tuned for the latest events, cultural conversations and creative projects coming this year. 

"I get that my win doesn't just belong to me..." -Lisa Nichols

With Light & Love,